We simply called it the New Deal Ink and Toner Company because it’s never been done before in the History of American Business.  

NDITC became nationwide in a matter of months because we're the only consulting group that allows our clients direct access to the real inkjet and toner cartridge factory, it's never been done before. 

NDITC is original and protected by international copyright laws and so innovative that it’s protected by service agreement contracts.  The founder took the old idea of refilling and changed it to a contemporary business model that doesn’t require a lot of cash.

Modern technology and fortune 100 business planning lets the average person, without experience or a lot of money start their very own home based or commercial inkjet printer cartridge, toner printer cartridge dealership and never buy any machines, no franchise fees, no complicated contracts or any other hidden charges or fees.

You never refill any cartridges.  You never have to beg people for their empty cartridges.  You never have to rent a store-front on main-street.  You don’t have to hire any people.  You don’t have to pay insurance.  You never buy or lease refilling machines and you don’t need any experience and you never travel to another city for training.  The people that sell franchise deals know the secrets of inkjet and toner printer cartridges. 

They know or at least think they know the secrets of the industry that creates the wealth.  Many of the franchise offers are failing and deteriorating and weakening within the current market-place of ideas and customers.  

Factory Connection

Once you get the inkjet toner cartridge factory connection you're ready to start making cash money. 

The real life cartridge factory holds all the potential cash value waiting on the cartridges to be sold and converted to cash.  Once you're connected, you buy at the low wholesale price and re-sell at the higher prices creating your own cash income.   


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NDITC No Risk, No Money

Free Plan 1776 Offer when you register today. 

You customer orders a cartridge from you which is the first step in the money making transaction. Your company will be able to handle one order or a hundred orders as you simply notify the cartridge factory what cartridge number you want shipped to your customer. 

Drop Shipping allows you to sell things that you really don't own just yet.  You purchase with your credit card or a open merchant credit account and collect the money from the customer before you pay your bills.

This is called consumer financing.

If you time your business just right, you never use your own money which means you can have tremendous sales and profits.

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