NDITC 1776 Liberty Plan - The Free Small Business Plan NDITC 1776 has helped thousands of people learn about the inkjet and laser toner cartridge business.  If you have already registered with NDITC you have been sent your free inkjet and toner cartridge factory wholesale information and other important materials. 

Once you register NDITC will send to you the FREE NDITC 1776 business plan via your email address you provide.  You will also receive a free factory wholesale provider to get you started, and its all free of charge, free forever. 

As a dealer you can buy an inkjet cartridge for about $3 that sells for $25 to $35 at the big retail stores. If you want to learn and earn you simply register your home zip code and we'll send you a complete presentation free of charge and we'll never ask you for a credit card number or other private information. There is an incredible boom in home based businesses for good reason.  The internet has changed the world so getting started is safe, simple and easy. American inkjet and laser toner cartridge factories need dealers across the nation so it's inevitable that some people will become their neighborhood millionaire in this highly profitable business.
I can get you started for free. I can get you started right. I can guide you away from costly mistakes..