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The company is going to close your factory. You’re a salesman or a manager and you made sure last night that you copied all the customers, items and specifications and even the prices of your products. Surely you could find another good paying job with that sharp competitor down the street. Just last year your career was clicking along in high gear, another promotion, a really nice bonus and now you’re going to lose your job. 


Like he promised, Dad has bundled the entire family into the ford to show us this great big country during our family vacation. There’s a lot to see, and believe me we’ve seen a lot. Not what you may think.


We didn’t always go to historic places full of historical documents, statues or trinkets. Our vacation was looking at new things, those strange little things that Dad just loves. Dad spent his time running very big business organizations. His goal was for his children to learn how to profit and prosper within the free enterprise American capitalistic systems.


Immense companies are leaving America and they’re leaving their employees behind to fend for themselves. You have become a customer of a foreign factory and far away distributors.


The government has not directed the battle in the Global sense and we know that America is losing the Global market. We have flying business generals making millions and closing plants. We have managers flying off to overseas lands to set up the new Chinese factories within the state controlled not-so-free enterprise systems. These are just a few of the latest developments that you struggle with to overcome. The Global warfare will cost you to lose your home while a very few grow their tremendous wealth. Uncle Sam has many defense systems but none of them work. Politicians explain the solutions but they have never helped in the past.


Don’t fail to read this powerful article. It is a solution. The C.E.O.’s within the skyscrapers don’t want you to learn the secrets. The financial districts around the world don’t want you to learn the secrets of their great wealth. Starting with your local governments, state governments and national government in Washington D.C. they keep laying smoke screens. You’re not supposed to see the real events as you would become enraged and incensed. Attacking in formations foreign corporations and American corporations are moving hundreds of billions of dollars at the speed of light out of America. They’re building factories and hiring millions of people and paying them only a few cents per hour. The staging of this great Global shift has been in the works for tens of years. All the Fortune 500 American corporations play the game, hide the rules and keep you in the dark.


There is a vast concentration taking place right now. As you read this you will become weaker as the dollar in your wallet or purse is being marginalized and drops in value by the minute. These heroes of business are making billions of dollars selling American values, ideas, systems and entire manufacturing plants to communist nations enslaving millions of people.


Now you may suffer the full force of Global markets and Global government and you will have to fight back, individual combat. There is a new strategy that creates individual wealth. It creates profits for you and your family and will create millions of jobs in America.


We’re the New Deal Ink and Toner Company and we also have a Global idea and the feasibility has been tested.


We’re helping at least 43,000 Americans to start their own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge business. Our success will also determine your success.


What are the ways that you can create wealth? How can you overcome the Global corporations? How can you save your home? How can you create jobs in your neighborhood? How are you going to save America?


You’re going to be able to start your own business in a matter of days and we’re going to help you start your inkjet and toner business for free. NDITC has developed national plans for starting small home based inkjet and toner cartridge dealerships.


Don’t be afraid of owning your own business.


Large groups have already started their NDITC North American Neighborhood Dealerships and their making money. NDITC is a distinctly new development within the printer technology business. We have found the way to use the Global world-wide printer and cartridge giants to create individual wealth in your home and community.


We want you to see for yourself how easy it is to use one of our New Deal Ink and Toner Company Small Business Plans.


How quickly you can learn to bend the dollars your way and allow you to stop looking for a new job.


Banish the fear of your boss and the next lay-off cycle that is surely on the way.


You will be able to stop worrying about the opposition at work and increase your own earnings.


If you have a job today you don’t have to quit to start your own business. You’re going to gain the recognition, power and admiration that you deserve as a small business owner.


You have time on your hands right now. If you’re lucky you have unemployment benefits that allow you enough money to keep your head above water. We want you to read this entire article because it’s most important.


A little time is all you need because NDITC will help you start your business. A little time on your hands can turn out to be a lot of cash in your bank account. It’s being done all over the United States of America right now.


If you would like to earn, let’s say $500 per day how would you do it?


Maybe you want to earn $1,000 per day, how would you do it?


We’re looking for people that want to truly own a piece of America and hold on to the American dream.


Failing some kind of miracle the dollar will collapse and lose value. Failing some kind of miracle you’re going to lose your job first and then your home. You didn’t do anything wrong. A very few people are becoming very rich and you’re going to become very poor.


We’re (NDITC) experts within the inkjet and toner printer cartridge business and we operate a national consulting service for small business owners. In fact, we’re the only reputable, national and respected consulting services for the inkjet and toner printer cartridge business.


Unless you plan to rob a bank or someone else’s cash register you need a plan and you need one in the next few days. There’s a lot of cash in the bank and there’s only way to get it out and that’s starting your own small business.


Every other person you know buys inkjet or toner printer cartridges. They buy them from the Big Box Retailers like Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart and hundreds of other big retailers.