The Book of Staples,the story of Staples SPLS and the absolute way to wealth in today's inkjet and laser toner cartridge markets. Book of Wealth by NDITC; Work At Home Start A Home Based Business

‚ÄčNDITC Plans Guides Manuals by NDITC startups, micro businesses, and underserved or disadvantaged groups. The following NDITC resources provide information to help specialized audiences and clients start their own businesses. Environmentally-Friendly "Green" Business,  Home-Based Business,  Online Business,  Self Employment,  Minority Owned Business, Veteran Owned Business, Woman Owned Business Work At Home - The Stay At Home Business Plan by NDITC is the low cost - no inventory - no machines - no overhead Home Based small business solution for thousands of people across America.  The inkjet and laser toner printer copier and fax cartridge business is a Home Based Business Idea that creates home based cash income with little effort.  Stay At Home - Work At Home. Every NDITC client start for free and we mean 100% free with registration.  Earn hundreds a day part-time or thousands per week full-time.  Easy 1,2,3

The NDITC imaging consulting group provides you with unparalleled support and planning to open your own inkjet and laser toner cartridge business, without machines or franchise fees and you never need a lawyer.  New Deal Ink and Toner Company - Consulting Group can help you plan, start and sustain your own profitable inkjet and laser toner cartridge business, without refilling machines, without franchise royalty fees, without a standing inventory and you keep all the profits.


We have helped thousands of people learn all about the inkjet and toner cartridge business that helps them capture the cash profits anywhere in America.  Simply register your home zip code at


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NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company - Consulting is your small business solution if you're wanting to plan, start and sustain your own small cartridge business.


NDITC has created the largest independent inkjet and toner cartridge dealer network in North America that allows you to purchase named branded ink and toner cartridge at the factory direct wholesale prices.


You'll be able to purchase a name brand inkjet cartridge for $3 that sells for $35 across big box retailers all across America.  With a wide range of products and tested business plans NDITC you get connected to the real cartridge factories, wholesalers, agents and other merchants from remanufactured toner, inkjet, postage cartridges, fusers, printer and server parts.


NDITC requires no franchise fees, no annual dues, no required inventory or any other expenses like machines, leases or employees.


NDITC has a mission and it's about you owning and operating your own money making small business.