New Deal Ink and Toner Company (NDITC) will allow you to start your own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business upon your registration and acceptance.  You register for free and if your zip code is available we’ll release the NDITC Plan 1302-1776  free of charges.  Your zip code based home based inkjet and toner printer cartridge business will have an immediate value.  NDITC clients are restricted by home based zip codes.  Your zip code can make you money. We also have plans where you can enjoy county, state and national sales.  Grow your profitable inkjet and toner cartridge business at your own pace.

You never refill any cartridges.

You’re going to buy them from a real factory.

You don’t buy inkjet or toner cartridges from NDITC.

We’re also going to teach you the magic of drop shipping inkjet and toner printer cartridge around the world.  As your local inkjet and toner refill store tries to pay their rent and pay for their machines and franchise fees you can be shipping cartridges around the world.