The Factory will provide BLIND SHIPMENT services which means your customer will never see or find out the location of your cartridge factory.   The factory will ship under your name right to your customer making sure they never see the address of the factory, protecting your future profits.   Your customer never knows where you bought the cartridges or how much you paid for the cartridges.  The factory makes it very easy.

It’s very easy to project your future sales and future profits so you can watch your business profits grow. 

On national average every 15,000 person population will buy about


in inkjet and laser toner cartridges every year.   So if your zip code has 7,500 people that means you can have up to $500,000.00 in sales a year.  If your zip code has 30,000 people you could have two million dollars in gross sales, creating a gold mine of profits.

You’re never over the barrel as our learning, performance and development programs (LAPD) are university quality and easy to understand

We’re going to teach you, coach you and offer you continued training and development that helps you sustain your cash profits.  You are never forced to buy anything like books, machines, inventory or anything else as our business plan NDITC 1776 is 100% free with no obligations to buy anything now or in the future, and we’re never going to ask you for a credit card number,  guaranteed.