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Simply pick the money making plan you want


This is not a franchise.  You pay no franchise fees,

no refilling machine required, no complicated contracts and

you never pay any royalty fees.


We're Not Trying To Sell You Any Type Of

Ink Cartridge Refilling Machines,


We're Not Trying To Sell You

Inkjet Or Toner Cartridges


We're Offering You The Best Known,

Most Widely Accepted Ink and Toner

Cartridge Business Planning



We're Small Business Consultants


New Deal Ink and Toner Company (NDITC)

Mechanicsburg, PA USA



From Printers, Ink and Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridges, Refill Refilling Machines, Secret Wholesale Providers, Training Manuals, Tips, Money Secrets, Education Starts Free with powerful PDF open plans that let you start your own ink and toner business free of charge.  


Give me money or give me the way to get money?  


People write NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company asking for NDITC staff to help them find a job, how can I work from home and make money, how do I learn about inkjet and laser toner printer copier and fax cartridges, how can I get money, how do I get money, how do you get money, how can I get cash and always please help me with making money. 



NDITC has become the leading cartridge consulting company in North America and in 2009 was named “The Safest Business Plan in America” and has been improving year after year.


With unique and one-of-a-kind teaching, coaching and mentoring the founder of NDITC takes every client on a remarkable journey of discovery. 


The famous NDITC Picture Books helps the client understand the multi-billion dollar global inkjet and toner cartridge business allowing them to plan, start and maintain their own successful business.  The author teaches you about the secondary cartridge factory’s inside America that are creating middle class incomes for thousands of clients. 


You have the opportunity to learn from the founder which is a real life Fortune 500 supply chain, fulfillment, distribution, transportation, retail – wholesale, e-commerce expert that helps you understand the secrets of creating your individual wealth.


The NDITC series of small business plans are used all across America and help people create their own secure and stable incomes while working at home or on main street. 


If the client is willing to learn and understand that wealth creation is a combination of education, experiences, emotional controls and even human evolutionary traits you’re in for a wonderful journey.  You will learn about the powerful market forces and organizations that have created and controlled the inkjet and toner cartridge markets and reaped billions in profits. 


You can learn that major big box retail operations and linked to global factories through the supply chain and have earned billions but, now they are suffering and subject to immediate failure. 


As a future business owner you will see that the internet has changed the world, your employer, the cartridge factory,  retail distribution, wholesale availability and even your ability to earn a middle class income.  These remarkable and global changes has created massive unemployment, under-employment but, on the other side of the coin a great new generation of wealth creation. 


You can now plan, start and sustain your own inkjet and laser toner cartridge business with the ease of clicking your mouse button.  You can connect to the real cartridge factory and purchase direct, at the real factory direct wholesale prices.  These new connections are changing the world and you can see America changing, day by day. 


The most powerful of retailers are trying to survive this changing world, the new way of business but many are too late.  You can own your small money making business in a matter of days and go head to head with the big retailers like Office Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, Amazon and win the customer and the cash profits.


These are exciting and profitable times, so don’t delay.  You can start earning cash money in a matter of days if you’re willing to learn and apply any of the NDITC small business plans.

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