NDITC connects you to the real cartridge factory that can allow you to buy at the real factory direct wholesale prices.  Most people are shocked to find out that a re-seller (you) can buy a printer ready inkjet cartridge for about $3 wholesale that sells for $25 to $35 at all the big stores.  Big stores like Staples, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco or Amazon doesn’t make the cartridges they sell, they buy them from the cartridge factory and so can you.

You’ll be able to buy direct all the national brands of inkjet and laser toner printer, copier and fax cartridges at the real wholesale prices, not the fake or phony bogus prices you find on the internet today.

NDITC is the only consulting group in North America that allows their clients complete and direct access to the cartridge factory, their agents and distributors that allows you to create immediate cash profits.