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Every year in America, people just like you, start their own home based business.  Hundreds of thousands have discovered that with a little help they can own and operate their own home based small business, without renting retail space, no expensive employees, no cash registers or any other expensive component of business.  NDITC, about 10 years ago discovered the insider manufacturing and distribution industry secrets of the inkjet and laser toner cartridge business and in fact wrote the book "Billion Dollar Ink" that shocked the American consumers and put O.E.M. Manufacturing Firms and their Retail Distribution Partners on Notice, the world has changed and NDITC was ready, willing and able to change the entire inkjet and toner cartridge business.

As a Fortune 500 Specialist our founder explored all the in's and out's of the inkjet and toner cartridge business and formulated the NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company series of small business plans you're learning about today.  Yes, you can become a neighborhood millionaire by following step by step, easy and affordable instructions inside the NDITC plans.

It's good to tell you, your future is at home with your family and your middle class stable income is waiting on you.  Simple to understand, little or no risk, you will start for free and the best news; no complicated contracts and thank goodness you never need a lawyer.

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All our small business plans are based on the "American Solution" which means that the cartridge factories that we bring forward to our NDITC clients are primarily based in the United States of America, creating inkjet and toner cartridges, but most importantly American Jobs and American Business Prosperity.  NDITC is the North American Leader within the inkjet and toner cartridge business segment and we're the only consulting group that allows the client complete access to the real cartridge factory.  We provide you with the knowledge and action steps required to plan, start and sustain your own inkjet and toner cartridge business.  Many are amazed that the $35 inkjet printer copier cartridge at Staples, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Amazon, Office Depot and others has a factory direct wholesale cost of about $3.00 each.  

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You realize that business owners have larger homes, more money and longer vacations.  Our NDITC Fortune 500 Founder - Gregory Bodenhamer - wanted to share his lifelong successful business lessons with good, honest and hard working people.  The NDITC inkjet and laser toner cartridge business plans puts you in charge of your future and you don't have to risk one thin dime to get started.  You register your zip code area and we'll send you NDITC Plan 1776 Small Business Plan Free of Charge, without any future obligations.  New Deal Ink & Toner Company home small business plans guides manuals books opportunity NDITC New Deal Ink & Toner Company inkjet toner cartridge factory dealer guides directory business opportunity 

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